Positano Hotels Vs Villas


Most villas will give you a little more space than a hotel room. You’ll usually get several rooms (living/dining, several bedrooms) plus a kitchen. So with the kitchen you have more freedom to make your own meals – you don’t have to always go out to a restaurant to eat.

Contrast that with a hotel room, which is usually much smaller (especially in Europe). Plus you don’t get your own kitchen space. Although keep in mind that, on the other hand, most Positano hotels do have balcony rooms with some of the most stunning views you’ll ever see of the Amalfi Coast!


Most hotels in Positano do include a free breakfast buffet with your room reservation. So in that sense it does save you a bit of money on food.

And depending on where you stay, there are some incredible breakfasts to be had. There’s nothing like sitting out on the terrace brunching on fresh fruit, prosciutto, eggs and a cappucino in the Italian sun to start your morning off right.

Most villas do not offer the free breakfast option with your booking.


If you stay at a hotel in Positano, you’ll get housekeeping every day – with fresh towels and clean floors, bathrooms, etc. But with some villas, you only get housekeeping once or twice a week (some villas will offer daily service for an extra charge).

Also note that with hotels, there is usually someone available 24 hours a day should you have a question or should you need something. Not all villas (depending on how they are run) offer this.

Marvelous Hotels Around the World

The Cloister Sea Island, Georgia

If you’re looking forward to stay at a hotel that defines elegant, the Cloister is the perfect choice. Home to 200 luxurious rooms, the private beach is surely the star feature of your stay at the Cloister. Much of your life’s desires will be fulfilled once you make your way there. Built in Mediterranean style, the grandeur of this majestic place is surely very appealing. Apart from the main building, it is worth exploring the Cloister Ocean Villas that have been built to perfection. Guests can access all the world class amenities that they could possibly wish for.

Jade Mountain St. Lucia, St. Lucia

If you truly wish to enjoy the stunning beauty of St. Lucia, the Jade Mountain resorts are ideal in every manner. The architectural design is extremely inspiring for the guests who make their way here. Because it is situated in lush green setting, it’s the perfect nature break travelers could ever wish for. It is not a wonder that the resort has been awarded a number of times for being exclusive when it comes to the way it treats its guests. The grandeur of the rooms and the location surely makes you feel you’re living a dream that is too good to come true. The day at this resort is surely once in a lifetime experience.

Primland Resort, Virginia

When it comes to luxury stays, Primland Resort is one of the best ones that is going to turn your holiday truly special. For golf lovers, the outstanding facilities of the resort are truly pleasing. The best aspect of staying at this resort is a range of indoor and outdoor activities that the guests can benefit from. All this is arranged in a natural setting. The resort has done its best to keep the environment as natural as possible. For nature lovers, it is absolutely overwhelming to see the range of wildlife they can spot during their stay at Primland Resort.

Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives

For honeymooners and anyone who wishes to have a magical break, nothing beats the beauty of Maldives. There are plenty of resorts you can choose while in Maldives, but Gili Lankafushi truly stands out from the rest. Surrounded by tropical gardens, it is truly heavenly to see a part of the part that is so serene and tranquil.

Tips When Going to Safaris

  • Travel insurance – obtain travel insurance as soon as your travel plans are confirmed so that you will be covered if there is an unexpected or unfortunate event that happens before your safari trip.
  • Reminder to your Credit Card Company and bank – most credit card providers and banks encourage you to inform than before travelling abroad so that their monitoring systems will not suspend your credit card when they discover any strange purchases (paying for flights, rental cars, and hotels) that happen on holidays. Sometimes, these purchases could trigger your credit card suspension and result in embarrassing moments. Be careful when providing your credit card information while you are on a trip as well. It is unfortunate that other people can obtain your credit card number without your knowledge (when paying for accommodation at hotel desks, rental companies, shops, etc.). When you pay your bill, do not let your credit card out of your view.
  • Water – remember to only drink bottled water because water from other sources may not be safe. You can obtain bottled water in all your safari lodges and camps. On all of your tours, make sure that you have bottled water with you. When you feel uneasy about the quality of water in the place you are staying in, you can ask any of the staff. For emergency use, you can also bring along water purification tablets with you.
  • Tipping – this is a common dilemma for a lot of tourists in a foreign country, including safari trips, business travel and cruises. Tipping is not expected if you are going on a safari trip in Africa, but it has become conventional. The gratuity to safari camp staff and guides is not part of your total tour price and it is also completely optional.

Trip To Historic City Athens

A trip to Athens or Greece is nothing less than a trip to the pages of history. The ancient architectures are still present, many of them partially demolished, but still bearing the message from the past. The major construction, such as the Parthenon, which happens to be one of the iconic constructions of Athens, speaks of the rich history and culture of the city. The most interesting part about visiting Greece is that there is no specific attraction within the country. When you are in Athens, you will be able expecting various archaeological and historical museums which will speak about the history of the place and also about the various aspects of their art, culture and lifestyle. What really sets Athens apart from the rest of the world is that, even though there are museums and various other places to visit within the city, the city as a whole is living museums in itself. Numerous constructions and various designs can be found all across the city. They have their own story to tell and add to the pages of history of Athens. Make sure you plan your trip long enough to soak up all of it, or as much as it is possible.

Athens has played an important role not in the medieval times; the city has contribution to the modern world as well. One of the most remarkable of all contributions is the Olympic Games. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in the year 1896. Let us not forget the fact that the English that we speak and the alphabets that we write have major contribution from Greece. It is in fact the Greek alphabets that are in use in English in the modern times. Even the word “alphabet” is combination of the words “alpha” and “beta”, the first two Greek letters. It simply shows ho greatly the Greek civilization influenced the development of the western civilization, art and culture.

While planning a trip to Athens, remember that not all that seems old happens to be old in this city. The medieval style and the contemporary designs were very much in use till much later in time. Even when the new city of Athens was built, the contemporary architectural style was followed.

Glacier International Peace Park

Pristine forests, rugged mountains, streams, alpine meadows, spectacular lakes, and wild life is what makes up Glacier National Park located in the Northwest corner of Montana. Other than the Rain Forests of the Pacific Northwest where Cedars and Hemlocks flourish, Glacier National Park is home to many of these trees as old as 500 years and more than seven feet in diameter.

Right through the heart of Glacier National Park is an engineering marvel, going to the sun road, which spans for 50 miles with so many features, one will find it hard to decide which stops to make. The road runs parallel to the two largest lakes in the park. St Mary Lake at the East entrance and Lake McDonald, the largest at 10 miles long and up to one mile wide and just under 500 feet deep is at the West entrance. Located on the Eastern shore is the McDonald Lodge, a national Historic Landmark built-in the early 1900’s to resemble a hunting lodge with Swiss influenced architecture. Not only does the going to the sun road provide spectacular views of colorful wildflowers, towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, beautiful valleys, and impressive glaciers, it also provides either a bone chilling drive or an exciting one, for 9 miles the highway hugs the solid rock cliff walls as it climbs to Logan Pass and crosses the continental divide at 6,646 feet where Mt Reynolds and Clements mountain tower above alpine meadows.

The going to the sun highway provides much more than just awe-inspiring beauty, its where hundreds of miles of hiking trails start, which leads deeper into the wilderness, with some hikes taking a full day to complete too much shorter ones. Some of the most popular shorter trails include, St Mary Falls, a.9-mile hike one way with a 260-foot drop in elevation through portions of the forest which burnt in the 2015 wild fire. As the trail winds its way high above the St Mary river look closely for Moose and Bears watering along the banks. As the trail reaches the falls a wooden bridge leads across the lower section of the falls for an up-close view of the water dropping 35 feet over three tiers, one of the most spectacular and most photographed falls in the park. Feeling energetic, then continue on the trail for another.8-mile one-way hike with a 285-foot elevation gain deeper into the thick lush forest to Virginia Falls. This part of the trail is very scenic with the lush vegetation and towering Pondarosa Pines and huge Cedars. Just under a quarter mile is an unnamed fall which has a series of four tiers, if not for this fall being between St Mary and Virginia Falls this would be a popular destination in the park. Reaching Virginia Falls there are two places to view the falls from. Crossing the bridge at the base allows for the entire falls to be viewed, where the falls drops 50-feet to a secondary chute and then a cascading section at the bottom. About 100 yards to the end of the trail allows one for an up-close view of the initial drop.

At the Sunrift gorge pull-over take the trail up 75-feet to an excellent view of the Baring creek where the water has carved a deep narrow gorge into the bedrock. Coming back down follow the creek under the bridge to where the.4-mile one-way hike with a 250-foot elevation drop leads to the Baring Falls. Although Baring Falls drop is only 25-feet, it’s a very pleasant fall. After spilling over the rock ledge, the Baring Creek flows into St. Mary Lake after a little more than a 100-yards.

At the Sun point parking lot, a short.2-mile level trail starts where the Sun Point Chalet used to lodge visitors from 1913 to 1942. Although the Chalet in no longer here the short walk to the overlook is pure amazing. Standing on the rock mound provides one of the most spectacular views of St. Mary Lake with towering mountain peaks as a back drop.

Trail of the Cedars, the most popular trail in the park and an ideal location for a picnic. The.8-mile loop leads through a forest of Western Red Cedar as big as 7-feet in diameter and towering more than 200-feet into the sky. An abundance of Black Cottonwood and Western Hemlock can be seen throughout the trail as well. A cool refreshing trail, this is.

Other things to do around Glacier National Park includes the Looking Glass Road, this may be a short drive starting at East Glacier Village, but a visual wonder. The highway winds around and over rolling hills with long panoramic views in every direction of sheer breathtaking beauty of nature where groves of Aspen trees and the occasional rocky outcrop and roaming cows are in abundance with framed glaciers in the distance. Another ideal drive is US highway 2 from Columbia Falls to East Glacier where the highway skirts along the South end of Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest on the other side where views and hidden treasures are found along the way, like the Hungry Horse Dam at 564 feet high and 2,115 feet across or the Glacier way fountain, a pipe extending right from the face of the mountain which filters out clear spring water. In addition, US highway 2 traces the historic path of the Great Northern Railway and winds along the Flathead River where wildlife can be seen watering.

Splendid Stay in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is replete with fascinating Buddhist attractions. One can say that it has been adorned with Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist temples, intriguing monuments and fascinating sites. From all over the world Buddha lovers visit this to attain inner and utmost happiness. Some people come here to find the meaning of their life. They follow the path of Buddha in order to find their spiritual self. With such religious significance, Bodhgaya is rightly entitled as an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. The main site where Lord Buddha used to preach and meditate is the Mahabodhi temple complex. Bodhimanda is the seat of Lord Buddha over the ground under the Bodhi tree where Buddha achieved enlightenment. The Mahabodhi temple complex is not only a world-famous pilgrimage site but it is also entitled as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

‘Bodhgaya rooms’ is an initiative to provide the best accommodation and related services to travelers who seeks a divine stay in Bodhgaya. ‘Bodhgaya rooms’ has come up with an exciting range of hotels in Bodhgaya. It provides a wide list of the best accommodation options to travelers. Travelers can have detailed information, including all the facilities, about the best hotels and guest houses in Bodhgaya. It aims to endow a clear understanding of the place and the property which offers accommodation in Bodhgaya. Travelers can thoroughly check out the property they wish to stay in during their visit. There is no hassle of going through different web pages and filling up of unnecessary information about travelers. Booking hotels with Bodhgaya rooms is simple and easy.

Visitors can totally rely on Bodhgaya rooms for their accommodation and related services as they provide their visitors with the selected-best hotels. They comprise an assortment of 4* and 3* hotels among which travelers can choose according to their preferences and interests. For budget travelers, they have introduced a list of budgeted hotels and guest houses which are known for their superlative services. Bodhgaya rooms personally takes care of all the other services as well, apart from accommodation, like guide service, transportation, city tours, extension tours, etc. to ensure the best assistance to travelers.

Budget Hotels to Stay in Puri

Surya Beach Inn

Located in CT Road, this is a highly rated budget hotel that offers clean and spacious rooms with clean linen. The hotel is a 5 minute walk from the beach and is close to several shopping and dining spots. The rooms are painted a soothing pastel shade and furnished with modern amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi. The rooftop restaurant, Bayview, overlooks the ocean and is the perfect spot to relax with a cold beer. Try to book Deluxe Rooms as they are larger and have better views.

Hotel Dreamland

Located at the end of CT Road, this is an excellent budget hotel that is close to beach yet away from the crowd and noise. There are several dining, shopping and entertainment options close to the hotel which is an added advantage. The Super Deluxe AC rooms with wooden ceiling, sofa, big balcony and floor to ceiling windows is highly recommended. The balcony offers beautiful views of the sea and is an excellent spot to relax with a refreshing drink. Guests are served Indian and Continental delicacies at the in-house restaurant. The hotel also arranges ‘Panda’ through which guests can access the inner sanctorum of the Jagganath temple.

Hotel Shakti International

Shakti International is a one of the best rated budget hotels in Puri and is located on VIP Road, around 2 km from sea beach. The hotel offers clean and spacious rooms fitted with modern amenities. The in-house restaurant, Aerodyne, has a flight themed interior and offers a choice of Indian, Chinese and Continental menu. This is a good choice of hotel for families on a pilgrimage trip due its proximity to the Jagannath temple.

Hotel Santana

Located away from the noise and pollution of the city center, Hotel Santana offers a relaxing stay within spacious rooms. With an average room rate of Rs. 1200, this is one of the best value hotels in Puri. Despite the cheap rates, the hotel offers several amenities including hot water and Wi-Fi. The in-house restaurant serves north and south Indian fares but the prices are on the higher side.

Save Money On Last Minute Travel Plans

Book Your Tickets First

If you are looking for a cheap flight ticket, booking online is the best option you have. All you have to do is visit different sites and hunt for the best deals. Sometimes, if you download a travel app, you might get an off on your tickets. It might not be much but it will still save you some money! You should also checkup different social media platforms of airline companies to know if they are offering any last-minute deal. If you aren’t going too far from home, consider booking train or bus tickets as there are better chances of finding them at a reasonable price.

Look for Pocket-friendly Accommodation

When you are making last minute reservations, it’s difficult to find luxurious hotels, especially if you are travelling during the holiday season. However, you don’t need a very good hotel if you are going to spend most of your time outdoors. Just a good bed and a clean room should suffice, right? So, if you want to save some extra bucks, just check out some youth hostels and budget hotels, which generally have enough vacant rooms to accommodate you.

Pack Your Essentials with You

When you are on a tight budget, it’s better to carry your personal essential items with you so that you don’t have to spend money on your trip. Things like travel packs of toothpaste, soap, and other toiletries can easily be packed into your luggage. This way, you will be able save a lot of money that you might have otherwise spend on them. You should also pack in the right clothes, which are suitable for the weather of the place you are travelling to.

Vacation Travel Club

Travel Clubs

Travel clubs offer a unique traveling experience much like a timeshare; however you pay a fee to receive a specific number of points to use for travel within their network of resorts and destinations all over the world. This membership allows you and your family to use the points in a given time or accumulate those points over time to cash them in at a later date for travel with a larger group.

Other travel clubs offer discounted travel options where you pay a monthly membership fee and in turn you receive discounted rates for trips that are already planned out. All you do as a member is book the trip and pay. In some cases travel to the destination is on your own, but the information is outlined in each trip description.

With some travel clubs there are options for customers who are already members to make money and receive commissions for every person who signs up under them in the travel club program. This is a type of network marketing program where many people have made money or received free travel while others have made nothing and feel they have lost money. Network marketing is a legitimate form of business, but it is not for everyone. It is not a get rich quick program.

The perception of network marketing is that it is a “scam.” Many people have lost money in network marketing and many people have made a lot of money with network marketing. Those who have made a lot of money with network marketing have worked very hard to get where they are within the network marketing business. Yes, they talk about it like they enjoy it because they do enjoy their job, but they treat it as a job and work hard to recruit, sell and build their business.

Timeshare ownership

This is another perceived “scam” or way for people to take your money according. Timeshare ownership is another legitimate way to travel to one destination every year or every other year depending on your purchased week. Timeshare owners receive a deed to their property that they own for a set amount of days or weeks throughout the year.

Where many people feel this is a scam is when maintenance and taxes come in. Everyone pays for maintenance and taxes on the property that they own, so why would a timeshare, be any different? It is a deeded piece of property much like a house. These fees help with upgrades to the property as well as fixing things that go wrong throughout the year. Refrigerators quit working and walls need to be painted periodically and every owner is required to help pay those costs.

Timeshare ownership works great for those who actually use them. It is when people don’t use their weeks that they feel they are losing money. There are also options to exchange your timeshare into other cities and resorts using exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. These resources can help you get more value out of timeshare ownership.

Central Hotel Ljubljana

Location and Tourist Attractions

The Central Hotel is ideally placed near the city’s main railway station and the main bus station. It is also located within a comfortable walking distance from the famous old city, the home of many tourist attractions including the Triple Bridge and the Tivoli Park, restaurants, cafes and bars, art galleries, museums and small boutiques. Ljubljana is a small city that is easy to walk around, and many sights are within a short walking distance from each other. The Central Hotel is situated so that visitors can easily go sightseeing or shopping on foot, and there are many excellent restaurants a short walk away from the hotel.

Rooms and Facilities for Guests

The hotel has 71 rooms and 3 suites. The rooms come with LCD televisions that include international channels, wireless Internet connection, air-conditioning and writing desks. This hotel has both smoking and non-smoking rooms. Guests can enjoy a daily breakfast buffet that contains a variety of local and international foods, and guests can also use the sauna in the hotel premises or visit the nearby fitness center and swimming pool in the Grand Hotel Union that belongs to the same hotel group.

Business Meetings and Conferences

The hotel is ideal for seminars, conferences and social functions. The seminar hall can be used for a large conference or event, or it can be divided into smaller rooms that are ideal for workshops or small business meetings. The conference and meeting rooms are on the sixth floor, are equipped with modern technology and are air-conditioned. The hotel staff will be available for assistance during events, conferences and meetings.