Travelling Through Spain

We left the flat countryside of San Pedro del Pinitar where the coastal sands meet the Mar Menor, and the shallow water’s of the inland sea. Here the mountains pop up almost vertically from the wide flat expanses where fruit trees grow amid dusty, stony soil. Golf urbanizations built for visitors line the coastal areas.

Soon before us are a craggy range of mountains, and isolated homesteads. Spain has half the inhabitants of the UK but is twice the size. Then for many miles the motorway winds through a mixture of small dusty towns and varied countryside.

Once Albacete is left behind Rhoda is the next large urbanization. Madrid was easily passed with the aid of the sat nav. and the landscape flattened once again with patches of forest along the way.

Eventually before us on the horizon were a range of snow-capped mountains. Here we pulled of the road into a very pretty village, la Cabrera. They must have a lot of visitors in the summer, possible from Madrid, as the whole village seemed to be catering for visitors, restaurants cafe’s and Hotels. We stayed at the delightful Hotel Mavi.

Next morning we were surprised to find the temperature was only 7 degrees, as the day before it had been 26 degrees, however we were in the mountains north of Madrid, sometimes driving through the clouds as the misty vapour encircled us..

We passed through a succession of mountainous areas which were very picturesque, some were covered in dense forest but as we neared the coast the land became greener with more broad-leaf trees and looked more like England, with fields of rape seed.

So pulling into Balboa ferry port we enjoyed the last few hours on Spanish soil. This was the end of wintering in the sun until the autumn when we will return to our house in Spain. What made us choose to winter in the sun? We had experienced enough cold wet icy winters and decided to change our lifestyle, so with the help of my online business, we experienced our first winter in Spain, which was delightfully warm and pleasant.

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Begin part-time and decide if working online is what you are looking for. Affiliate marketing is suitable for most people who are determined to succeed and are prepared to invest time and effort. You may be pleased to know only basic computer skills are required to start as you can soon learn other skills.

Road Trip to Shimla

Well that was the idea, until a phone call from my sister-in-law to my wife at 10 pm enquiring about the trip shook me out of my just- about- to- fall-asleep stage, to never be able to fall asleep again. Ditto for wifey. Instead of tossing and turning in bed for a few hours of elusive sleep, we decided to leave earlier than planned. So we woke up our sleeping 9 year old son, and took out the car and pointed it in the direction of Shimla and left home at 2:45 am.

NH 1 is a pretty good road and I basically focused on the black strip of asphalt rapidly advancing towards my car wheels, and ensured that my speed stayed between 80 and 90 kms per hour. There were a few other cars headed in a similar direction doing roughly the same kind of speeds. It was all very comfortable, and my only worry was that I should not at all feel drowsy- something I accomplished quite easily by the sheer weight of responsibility-wife and kids’ lives in my hands kind of pressure. Sonny boy was asleep for most part of the drive during the night, wifey bravely stayed awake for a couple of hours before dozing off to sweet slumber on the seat beside me. Soon it was Beatles on the car stereo, NH1 and me. Towns came and went(the by- passes let you escape the innards of the towns – Sonepat, Panipat, Karnal, Kurukshetra and Ambala from where one branched off to NH22 and the road to Zirakpur and Kalka.

By the time it was about 8.30 in the morning we were in Kalka and beginning to climb. Everyone was fully awake now, and we were taking in the noisy, narrow and ramshackle lanes of Kalka town even while climbing all the time. Soon it was genuine hill territory and we kept on climbing steep mountain sides with wifey and kid growing more and more alarmed. Shortly afterwards we were going downhill towards the town of Solan, famous for its brewery and mushrooms I think. I made a mental note to buy some mushrooms on the way back home.

Anyways it was climbing time once again, and I was busy doing what I love the most, driving in the high Himalayas through pine, deodar, rhododendron and oak country-nothing in the world can match that. The sky was a deep blue, I could hear the piercing cry of mountain birds and the change in altitude made my ears get blocked.

We stopped at Dharampur for the mandatory breakfast of aloo ka parantha and sweet tea, and resumed the journey fully refreshed. The rest of the drive up was again through spectacular terrain; thoroughly enjoyable except for the fact that every ten minutes a truck, or a humongous Volvo bus the size of a Jumbo Jet, or other assorted large vehicles would come down from the opposite direction in what appeared like subsonic speed.

Cheap Hotels in San Antonio

What kind of accommodation is available on the dates you want to travel? The more flexible you are with your dates and number of nights, the more deals you will find. If you have to go at a specific time, however, there should still be ways for you to save. If you’re going to be flying, it’s worth looking into a hotel with free airport shuttles – especially if you don’t want to do any driving yourself.

Another thing you might want to consider is last-minute deals. Sometimes a hotel wants a full booking and will significantly drop the rates of rooms still available at the last minute. Keep in mind that this deal isn’t the best option in certain circumstances. If you will be attending a conference with hundreds or thousands of other people, an early booking is better than a last-minute one.

Amusement parks are among the most popular attractions in the city. Some hotels even work with SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas to provide tourists with affordable vacation packages. This is definitely something you’ll want to check out if you plan take your family along. Of course, you’ll want to check out the Alamo if you are a history buff.

Perhaps the best time to visit is between the months of November to April, when the temperature is relatively cool. This is also the best time to visit if you want to avoid lines at all of the major attractions. You might find some cheap hotels in San Antonio by looking in areas outside of downtown. However, this is only recommended if you will be driving yourself, as buses are not the most reliable mode of transportation around the city. Low-cost hotels tend to be scattered around the downtown area. They are sometimes difficult to find during major NCAA games.

Carefully look over all of your options when comparing rates online. Read reviews to find out what other tourists are saying about any cheap hotels in San Antonio that you are considering. If your budget allows for it, you might want to stay at a historic hotel that has been around for a century or more.

Luxury Resorts in Maldives

One & Only Rethi Rah

One & Only Rethi Rah is the top choice; there is no other Maldives luxury resort that can give you better than this. It is grand and glamorous. It made of enormous villas done up in Asian interior décor. While a few have private pools, the others overlook the beach. There are three restaurants on the island where you can enjoy lip smacking local and foreign cuisine. There is a range of other facilities including spa treatments, art classes, water sports and yoga.

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru

A fairly new restaurant (opened in 2006), the Four Seasons has made it to the top of the charts on account of its brilliantly designed villas coupled with its great services. It is palatial. The design blends modern touches with local Maldivian village influences. Four Seasons has been touted as one of the best Maldives luxury resorts for honeymooners. There are private outdoor dining areas, private lap pools and big gardens where couples can spend some romantic time together. There’s a club for kids and teens and babysitting services too just in case you are planning a family vacation.

Angsana Velavaru

If you’re wondering where to stay in Maldives, a place that is not as pricey as One and Only Rethi Rah and Four Seasons, Angsana Velavaru is one of the options for you. It gives you classy accommodation at a reasonable price. There are waterfront villas as well as stand-alone structures a few kilometers away from the mainland. There are five restaurants where you can wine and dine.

Six Senses, Laamu

One of the three Six Senses resorts, this Maldives Luxury resort boasts of 97 villas built in the classic, rustic style. This eco-resort has all its villas made of ecologically sourced wood. Despite its rustic charm in its construction and its natural backdrop, it is staffed with a lot modern amenities such as iPod docks, Bose entertainment systems, flat screen television, air conditioners, tree top decks and all-glass bath rubs. There are yoga, meditation, gym and spa facilities too.

Jumeirah Dhevanafushi

Tucked away in the South end of the Maldives, this is another Maldives luxury resort where you can set up when on a vacation. There are luxurious villas attached to private pools. You can spend the afternoons lazing around in the sun at the outdoor seating areas. Tourists can also indulge in adrenaline-pumping water sports such as diving, fishing and windsurfing. You can soothe your tensed nerves at the spa with their massage and sauna facilities.

Luxurious Travel Guide for Iceland

Firstly, it is always best to prepare before the trip. This should be everyone’s first step to enjoy a hassle-free experience amidst the scenic heritage of the world’s most peaceful country. Due to the inflating amount of tourists every single thing ranging from hotels to flights and transport services gets flooded and so instant bookings become a vague possibility.

Consulting a travel guide and tour operator would be the most effective thing to do because such agencies can help fix accommodations, flight bookings and tour packages at affordable rates. If the traveler pursues his/her journey by pre-booking all the necessities there will be no hindrances in the future.

Such measures are suitable especially during holiday seasons such as Christmas, when millions of tourists flood the entire country to enjoy invigorating moments. It even becomes impossible to get instant bookings for holiday activities like taking a fresh dip in the Blue Lagoon.

One of the best tours for Iceland would be around the Golden Circle. This part of Iceland encompasses volcanic terrain, glaciers, beautiful farmhouses for leisurely stops, an earthquake exhibition center, the Thingvellir National Park and the highly renowned Gulfross Waterfall.

One will have several options to learn about the Icelandic culture and geography, witness nature, venture into thrilling parts such as volcanic craters or perhaps ice-formed caves and altogether obtain spiritual bliss amidst the breath-taking falls.

Other popular destinations include a tour to the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which is also a very occasional event and the Southern Coast. The southern Icelandic parts also include popular tourist destinations such as hot water springs and the world famous black beaches (coastal regions shrouded by black sand).

It’s safe to say that one single visit to Iceland is not enough to fulfill a traveler’s wanderlust. The country has so many naturally enriched destinations, adventure-filled spots and a colorful city like Reykjavik that it indeed lures people back again.

The tourism industry has progressively expanded with a significant rise in international visits every year. This in-turn has solved various regional as well as economical issues of the country. The amount of tourists has reached thrice as higher than the native population and is likely to grow even more due to the distinctive features which this beautiful snow-capped country offers.

With pre-booking methods and help from significant operators tourists will have all the comfort they need during the trip. Such agencies suitably arrange mini-bus tours, accommodations and also include extra-tour-breaks for the leisurely delight of visitors. Hence, over-crowded places can be avoided and people can travel in luxury, altogether enjoying the sublimity of the Icelandic heritage without having to go through a scarcity of hotels.

Hotels in Hillingdon

Arora Hotel

The 4-star Arora Hotel brings free charged airport transfer with the public buses, long parking, classic equipped rooms and even soundproofed option in the rooms as well. TVs, private bathrooms and luxurious beds in the rooms makes this hotel one of the best in Hillingdon. The hotel offers 350 rooms to people.

Premier Inn

The Premier Inn is only 1.6 KM away from the Heathrow Terminal and offers a lot of modern accommodations to the customers. Every room is filled new technology equipment as well. There is a Thyme restaurant in the hotel which offers a wide range of cuisine menu to its customers.

While customers enjoy outdoor eating under a great view, they can also relax by enjoying drinks from the bar. There are 400 rooms offered by the Premier Inn. The hotel belongs to the hotel chain of Premier Inn.

Crowne Plaza

When you are off the M4 highway, you will find the 4 star Crowne Plaza Heathrow after a 10 minute drive from the airport. The hotel offers 24 hour front desk, new fashioned food eat-out and a recreational club as well.

Swan Guest House

The Swan Guest House is only 10 minute drive away from the London Heathrow Airport.

The hotel has parking and free Wi-Fi for its customers and is only 3 minutes away from the Georgian Villa. It was renovated and now, all the rooms in the hotel have state of the art facilities. There are walk-in showers, coffee/tea making facilities and even flat-screen TVs.

The breakfast is served in the main dining room which gives an amazing garden view. Options included in breakfast are coffee, tea, toast, fruits, eggs, yogurts, cereals and fresh juices.

Chandler, Arizona

As you search new homes in Chandler, you probably keep seeing certain names pop up. Sun Lakes. Ocotillo. Morrison Ranch. Fulton Ranch. Chandler is home to many new home communities, owing in large part to its rapid growth and booming economy. As the San Tan Freeway was completed in 2006, a lot of large employers made the move to Chandler, and many that were already here expanded operations. Intel, Microchip Technology, PayPal, Wells Fargo, Verizon Wireless, to name a few, are some of Chandler’s corporate citizens. As the business climate continued to thrive, the cotton fields and grazing land of south Chandler yielded to destination shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and lots of housing. Builders such as Fulton Homes, Toll Brothers and Pulte made their mark on the landscape with spacious modern homes in beautiful communities. Many older historic neighborhoods are experiencing rebirth as homes are remodeled and modernized.

Chandler Schools consistently meet or exceed state and national averages; multiple charter schools and academies also provide top-notch education. Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers a wide variety of classes and programs, and private institutions such as Western International University and Ottawa University have branches in town as well.

There is no shortage of things to do in Chandler. Downtown on the square you will find unique shopping, dining and entertainment; there is almost always a festival, farmers market, art show or other affair to enjoy at AJ Chandler Park. Take a break and enjoy a craft beer, or a glass of Arizona wine. Visit Chandler Center for the Arts and catch a national act. Drop in at Vision Gallery or Uptown Art for more eclectic tastes. Downtown is also home to the beautiful, historic Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort, Arizona’s first golf course.

Speaking of golf, Chandler is a linksman’s paradise. Courses run the gamut from executive to championship; you can visit driving ranges and golf academies, and stock up on the latest gear at the PGA Superstore!

Looking for other outdoor fun? Tumbleweed Regional Park boasts a rec center, sports and picnic areas, as well as Playtopia-a playground paradise based on Chandler’s heritage. A perennial favorite is the constantly expanding Arizona Railway Museum where you can explore a great collection of classic railroad cars and equipment. Skate park, BMX park, dog parks, equestrian and aquatic centers; Chandler has it all!

For indoor, air conditioned fun, Chandler Fashion Center is an upscale regional shopping powerhouse! Enjoy its great variety of dining choices from fast to casual to elegant. There are shows, movies, nightlife, shops and services galore, and special events almost every weekend. Another popular destination is The Ice Den, a favorite for skaters of all ages and a great way to keep cool year round.

This just a small sampling of the great features this amazing city has to offer. Chandler is consistently recognized for its responsible and sustainable growth and a quality of life unmatched in the Valley. This is just one more reason why so many families choose to make their home in Chandler.

Wild Atlantic Way Hotels

Visitors to the area travel by two methods; cycling and driving. Whichever you choose, you can plan your trip in stages, ensuring you don’t miss a thing. When you arrive at your next stage destination, there is always a superior Wild Atlantic Way hotel waiting to welcome you.

Most travellers to this area, plan their itinerary in advance. Once they decide on their preferred method of travelling, they plan their stages by identifying how far they wish to travel each day and then book their accommodation, ensuring they have a complete map of where they need to be at the end of each day.

Most Wild Atlantic Way experiences start in Donegal, a beautiful area brimming with panoramic views and an abundance of bird life. Here you can choose The Mill Park Hotel as your Wild Atlantic Way hotel. With a stay at Mill Park Hotel in Donegal, you’ll be in the historical district and minutes from O’Donnel’s Castle and Donegal Castle. This 4-star hotel is within the vicinity of Donegal Bay Waterbus and Donegal Golf Club.

From Donegal you start the journey to Mayo, which is very popular with surfers. This area you can ride a horse on the white sandy beaches, visit Gleniff Horseshoe Valley and soak up the history and culture at the nineteenth century mill. The Wild Atlantic Way hotel in Mayo is the Westport Coast Hotel. This hotel is ideally located on the Quayside with spectacular views of Clew Bay. They are only two miles from Westport centre offering an award winning restaurant, relaxing bar and spacious en-suite guest rooms with power shower.

Your next section is Mayo to Clare. Mayo is home to the tranquil Killary Harbour and in Clare there are the amazing Cliffs of Moher. There are a number of top Wild Atlantic Way hotels in the area with Limestone Lodge standing out above the rest. This hotel offers spectacular views of the Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands. The hotel is located only ten minutes from the local restaurants and bars offering a choice of guest rooms in a tranquil setting.

After Clare you want to make your way to Kerry, home of deserted beaches, granite cliffs and outstanding seafood. You can stay at the Brook Manor Lodge. Located in Tralee, Brook Manor Lodge is close to The Kerries Golf Club and Blennerville Windmill. This 4-star guesthouse is within close proximity of National Folk Theatre and Kerry County Museum.

Sushi Spots in Cape Town

  1. Harbour House – V&A Waterfront For a great location, legendary sushi platters and friendly staff, Harbour house is a stunning seaside restaurant based at V&A Waterfront. Fine dining in such a gorgeous settings earned them the 2015 Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor. The glass walls surrounding the restaurant enables you to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Waterfront and appreciate the perfect backdrop of Cape Town Harbour. There is also a stunning Harbour House restaurant in Kalk Bay.
  2. Andy’s Sushi Bar – Sea Point This Asian-inspired eatery serves top quality, creative sushi at reasonable prices. Chef Andy Wang has a passion for preparing delicious and authentic dishes. Bring your own drinks and enjoy top quality sushi at this colourful little eatery.
  3. Kyoto Garden Sushi – Cape Town Kyoti is an authentic Japanese Restaurant located in the heart of Cape Town. Not only were they awarded the Best Asian Restaurant at the Eat Out Awards in 2014, they also source and serve top-quality, unusual ingredients from all over the world. Farmed abalone, scallops, Alaskan King crab, sea urchins and eel are some of the interesting items you can find on their menu. Interesting variations and exquisite food tantalises taste buds while the intimate, tranquil Zen setting provides the perfect ambience.
  4. Fugu Restaurant – Cape Town This up market yet relaxed spot serves outstanding, mouth watering sushi and a broad range of Thai, Japanese & Chinese Hot dishes. The generous sushi menu is very popular with the local sushi lovers whilst the more traditional seafood lovers are spoilt with diversity.
  5. The Codfather – Camps Bay The Codfather has been delighting both locals and tourists for over 17 years with its gorgeous views of the ocean and its appetizing, creative sushi. There are endless options and all the sushi is SASSI-approved so you can have the peace of mind that the food you are served is sustainable to the oceans. The restaurant is trendy and buzzing but you can opt for a quiet, romantic meal in their exclusive wine cellar should you choose to.
  6. Balducci Asian Noodle & Sushi Bar – V&A Waterfront This little gem is rumoured to be the best Sushi bar at the V&A Waterfront. Only the freshest ingredients are used by their professional Japanese and Asian chefs and the great views and fantastic service makes it a definite visit for next time your mouth is watering for sushi.
  7. Willoughby & Co – V&A Waterfront You can expect nothing less than extraordinary seafood and sushi at this much loved spot. The substantial menu is packed with inventive dishes and the best technically constructed sushi that are served with pride.

Chelsea Tower Hotel Apartments

Check- in process was fairly simple and quick. Diana the receptionist was understanding enough to get over with the process as fast as possible seeing how exhausted we were after the long flight. It was quite a busy time, I suppose, because the lobby was filled with people and that made it look so vibrant. There were 5 lifts so one never had to wait longer than a minute.

Fast forward to the room on the 41st floor, gigantic and beautiful with huge windows and a balcony that overlooked the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline on one side and the Arabian Gulf on the other. I think we were already in love with Chelsea Towers apart-hotel by that time. Comfortable beds, spacious rooms, free Wi-fi and a kitchen with all necessary equipment were a few of the other amenities provided by the hotel.

We would go to the gym each morning and sometimes we’d also take a swim in the pool alternating with the Jacuzzi at times. The poolside staff and the spa masseuses were always extremely polite and helpful. Sometimes we took morning breakfast at the Chelsea Garden Restaurant & Café (they served amazing coffee by the way) and sometimes we went outside to the many popular eateries just around the corner such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks. There were other bistros and joints like Nando’s, Chilis, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut also very close to the hotel.

Talking about travelling around, we never had to worry because the Financial Centre Metro Station 1 was right across the road and incase of short distances, taxis were a life saver and always readily available. My friends and I were stoked about the fact that the hotel was just 10 minutes from the Dubai Mall and so we visited the mall every other day of our trip.

The Chelsea tower hotel which was in the centre of the city and right on Sheikh Zayed Road made Dubai’s major shopping destinations, tourist destinations, beaches, leisure parks and theme parks easily accessible. This was one of the main advantages for us, being tourists.