An American Heritage

If supporting local businesses and preserving local heritage is important to you, staying at a historical hotel may be the perfect choice for you. Though they may not have a 65-inch flat screen in every room, historical hotels can take you on an exciting cultural and architectural journey through time. They may even teach you a thing or two about the history of the area that you’re visiting. Amenities are usually tastefully updated so that you can enjoy total comfort while still preserving the classic American experience.

Many historic hotels are accompanied by exhibits that outline the history of the hotel and the role it played in the local community or nation as a whole. Historical hotels are usually on the National Register of Historic Places and have their own unique place in history. Inquisitive minds can find themselves learning about local and national events while studying their surroundings. It can also help you plan day trips to local points of interest or historical sites. Furthermore, the staff can often shed additional light on the history of the building itself and the surrounding area in general. Many of these hotels are former private homes, transferred to family ownership or trusts. As a result, the staff plays a dual role of curator and caretaker. You won’t find that at the chain hotel off the interstate.

Many of these historic hotels were the pinnacle of luxury during their heyday, and they preserve that tradition through excellent service. They are characterized by fine dining, knowledgeable staff members, and rooms decorated by top-notch designers. Built for luxury in another time, they retain the refinements that made them so relaxing. Quiet conversation, newspapers, rocking chairs, roaring fireplaces, and wrap-around porches encourage everyone to slow their pace.