Cottages In Coorg

For a holiday to be complete, it is important to ensure that you have a nice place waiting to soothe you, especially after a long day full of fun activities and explorations. I choose the cottages because they never disappoint when it comes to completing and starting the day for me. There are a number of things that make the cottages here work for me even though there are so many other accommodation options.

  • The setting. I have discovered that most of the cottages in Coorg are nestled in the heart of tea plantations and coffee estates creating the most rewarding environments, especially for family vacations or even solo trips where meditation and soul searching is important. The lush green surroundings are simply unmatched and any nature lover will enjoy every second spent on the cottages.
  • The design. Most of Coorg cottages are designed to include sit out spaces where I can sit and relax as you enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the fresh air. Depending on the cottage I get to select, I can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets or even roam around the stunning tea estates. They also come with ample space, making it easy for me to choose a sizeable cottage for my convenience, usually depending on the number of people I am tagging along. Most have a blend of modern and traditional architecture, creating quiet, relaxing abodes for the holidays.
  • The amenities. They are without doubt homes away from home because of the modern amenities they come equipped with. I never lack anything when in the cottages as every necessity is provided for. I love the fact that I can brew my coffee just the way I like it and try out a few recipes even during the holidays. Every room is comfortable, convenient and equipped so I usually have everything I need.
  • The prices.┬áContrary to what most people may think, cottages in Coorg are quite affordable for the kind of holiday experiences they offer. I love the fact that I can find something good enough for the holidays even when I do not have much to spend on them. They are in abundance and by knowing the range I am comfortable with as far as finances go, I do not have such a hard time finding just the perfect property for my kind of stay.