Know About Driving In Portland

About freeways

If you are in downtown, you will have to use I-5, or I-405 that also goes to the Pearl District. The Banfield (which is how I-84 is called by locals) starts at I-5 on the east of the city, goes to the Columbia River and on to Idaho and Utah. You can also use it to get to Portland International Airport through I-205.

Traveling westbound U.S. Route 26, also called Sunset Highway, can get you to Forest Grove, Hillsboro and Beaverton. And if you go eastbound, using so-called Mount Hood Highway, you can get to Mount Hood and on to Nebraska.

The speed limit for highways is 55 mph, and for interstate highways – 65 mph. Using a cellphone is prohibited while driving, except for hands-free accessories.

Driving in the city

When you are in the Pearl District, watch carefully for the sings as there are many one-way streets, and some of them change directions. On the West Burnside Street there’s two-way traffic but left turns are not allowed on most of the streets. To get to the left, make two rights to get to the cross street that goes in the direction you need.

On the Transit Mall you will have to share the road with buses, trains and bikes. So make sure to watch for bicyclists. Also, when you are at an intersection with a green bike box where you have to yield to bikes.

Also remember, that in Portland you can turn left and right on the red light onto one-way roads if you stop first and yield to upcoming traffic and pedestrians.


There are 9,700 metered parking spaces in the central city. There are two types of parking meters. One of them is coin-operated, the other one is SmartMeter which is a multi-space parking meter. There are also 6 SmartPark garages in downtown with 4,000 parking spaces. There are also privately owned parking lots with various rates.

Car Sharing

Portland is where car sharing has been founded in the United States. Today, there are five car sharing companies making it simple for anyone to get around the city without using their own vehicle.

Car Transport

If you are moving to or from Portland, you can move your car by using Portland auto shipping services. It is the most convenient way of transporting a vehicle around the country.