North Eastern Tanzania

Many factors contributed to the popularity of this marvelous region commonly explored by large numbers of tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania. Travelers can access the area easily, as travelers may use a car or a bus ride to easily reach the whole region for half a day from Dar El Salam, the capital of Tanzania. This is in addition to a large network of roads and local routs that are in good conditions.

Travelers who tour Tanzania would enjoy a non-crowded ambience as the area has a wide surface area to accommodate any number of visitors.Guests would also enjoy some magnificent beaches and other natural wonders in the inland section of the region.

Among the most famous activities for tourists who travel to Tanzania to carry out in the North Eastern section of the country is to visit the ancient historical sites of Kaole, Tongoni, or visit the city of Bagamoyo. This is in addition to the amazing sandy beaches of around the area of Saadani.

The area also hosts the only seaside national park in the country that welcomes hundreds of tourists who travel to Tanzania. Travelers can also explore the Mkomazi Game Reserve for some super fun.

One of the important towns of the Northeastern section of Tanzania is Bagamoyo. During the 19th and early 20th century, the port of the city was one of the most transit points of the trading caravans from Lake Tanganyika with the commercial sections located on the shores of the sea. The commodities traded included ivory, slaves, salt, some spices, and many other products.

Bagamoyo at the end of the 19th century hosted one of the largest shelters for ransomed slaves in Eastern Africa, the Freedom Village that was established by the French missionaries. In fact the town worked an important transit point for missionaries from different sections of Europe.

From 1887 till 1891, Bagamoyo became the capital of the German colony in Eastern Africa. The city as well witnessed the first real uprising of the Africans against the Western colonization in 1891. This was the major reason for transferring the capital from Bagamoyo to Dar El Salam in the same year. Today many Europeans visit the city as part of their holidays in Tanzania.

Today, Bagamoyo is famous for its German style architecture like the German Boma and the Liku House that was the headquarter of the German authorities in the city. Tourists who travel to Tanzania may still explore the remains of these impressive constructions.