Places Need to Visit This Thanksgiving

  1. Brussels, Belgium:
    Stepping into Brussels at the end of November will make you feel like you’ve entered a fairy tale. The place is just like a dream come true all decked out in snow. Visit the centrally located “Winter Wonderland” and have fun at all the rides and food being offered. You will also get the opportunity to buy presents and souvenirs for your loved ones.
  2. Lake Tahoe, California:
    This tourist destination has so much to offer you at this time of the year. The beautiful lake has just frozen over which means that if you go right now you’ll be able to ski till your heart’s desire has reached contentment. Other than that, the resorts of Lake Tahoe offer some pretty awesome deals during thanksgiving.
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada:
    Awesome casinos, breath taking hotel views and the best restaurants deals- if you’re a fan of any of these things than Las Vegas is the place for you to be. And the best part is that despite what you might have heard, Vegas is just the place to go to with your family. But it’s okay if you don’t want to go with your family that is up to you. But just remember one thing, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
  4. Florence, Italy:
    The capital of Tuscany is the spot for you for Thanksgiving 2016 if you’re not too big on cold weather. The city has moderate temperature and a little rain along with the ability to take you back to the Renaissance. Avail the chance to go see the legacy of historical artists such as Michelangelo. And this is also the time when you can go see the opera, theater and classical music performances. So what are you waiting for, start packing your bags now!
  5. New York, USA:
    If you want to spend your holiday in the midst of loud and boisterous parties then New York is the place for you to be. Along with all the parties that are being offered, New York also one of the world’s biggest thanksgiving functions – The Macy’s Parade. The parade which is covered by all the news channels of the area is a host to several performances by the world’s leading actors and entertainers. So take out your money and fly to New York today to have the time of your life