Positano Hotels Vs Villas


Most villas will give you a little more space than a hotel room. You’ll usually get several rooms (living/dining, several bedrooms) plus a kitchen. So with the kitchen you have more freedom to make your own meals – you don’t have to always go out to a restaurant to eat.

Contrast that with a hotel room, which is usually much smaller (especially in Europe). Plus you don’t get your own kitchen space. Although keep in mind that, on the other hand, most Positano hotels do have balcony rooms with some of the most stunning views you’ll ever see of the Amalfi Coast!


Most hotels in Positano do include a free breakfast buffet with your room reservation. So in that sense it does save you a bit of money on food.

And depending on where you stay, there are some incredible breakfasts to be had. There’s nothing like sitting out on the terrace brunching on fresh fruit, prosciutto, eggs and a cappucino in the Italian sun to start your morning off right.

Most villas do not offer the free breakfast option with your booking.


If you stay at a hotel in Positano, you’ll get housekeeping every day – with fresh towels and clean floors, bathrooms, etc. But with some villas, you only get housekeeping once or twice a week (some villas will offer daily service for an extra charge).

Also note that with hotels, there is usually someone available 24 hours a day should you have a question or should you need something. Not all villas (depending on how they are run) offer this.