Sofitel Luxury Hotel Brisbane

  • Guests must be able to contact a property representative in the case of an emergency; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact details and phone numbers must be clearly displayed in-room and/or on-site.

Sofitel Brisbane has a 24 hour Concierge, 7 days per week. This means they have someone working 24 hours a day to help you hail a cab or advise on things to do. Someone present in the lobby providing “guest services” 24 hours a day. The in-room guest book provided details and phone numbers should you require this service. We did use this service and was given courteous, prompt and satisfactory service to a high standard.

  • The property must feature a dedicated reception area and/or service desk for guest arrivals and departures.

The reception area was appropriate for guest arrivals and departures and the staff were friendly and accommodating.

  • Bedding (blankets/quilts, sheets and pillow, applicable to local climate) must be provided for all beds and included in the rate.

We striped back the bed to check everything. The bed, protection, and pillows were in good order. There were no signs of staining. The sheets were crisp and clean and matched the bed with no short sheeting (short sheeting is where the sheet doesn’t fit the bed so they have made sure it tucks in securely at the top but not the bottom) the bedding covers were appropriate but questionable about the cleanliness. As with every accommodation facility – only the sheets, pillow cases etc are changed. Bed covers/Blankets etc are not. So whilst it may look clean, unless it was steam cleaned before you arrived, it will still have the last guests smells, or anything else on it.

  • One towel per guest and bath mat per room must be provided and included in the rate.

The room was provided with the appropriate amount of towels. The towels and rest of the bathroom linen were of good quality and were clean. There were no extra charges.

  • Soap (or dispensed liquid soap) must be provided per guest and included in the rate.

The complimentary bathroom condiments were appropriate and satisfactory.

  • Daily housekeeping services are available for all guests.

Housekeeping services were exceptional

  • Property must include shower and toilet facilities.

The room provided a spacious bathroom