Cities to Stay in Youth Hostels


It should come as no surprise that Berlin is home to a number of first-class youth hostels. Their charm, character and commitment to quality service cannot be denied, but in the end they reflect the mood of the city itself. Berlin’s alternative culture is famous all around Europe and is, in fact, one of its biggest attractions to young travellers. From art shows in Kreuzberg and street music in Alexanderplatz, to pub crawls across the city and alternative tours of many of the iconic bars and museums, there is liveliness to this city that could very well make a short stay a longer one.


Many people who are looking for a luxury experience would not look twice at budget accommodation, and this is especially true when they are considering visiting the icon of high culture and fashion, Paris. But this city understands the art of budget travel as well as it understands art in general. There is more nuance and finesse to this grandest of cities than the mere luxurious trappings, and the cultivated parks, bustling avenues, lively nightspots and exquisite cuisine will infuse your entire experience with an unforgettable sense of class – even if you are on a budget.


It is hardly a secret what age demographic flocks to youth hostels (although they are certainly not ageist) so the ideally crafted experience lies in an energetic ambience – one that is found in spades in London. Whether your interest lies in cuisine, music, art or theatre, from Soho to Shoreditch this is one city that knows full well the art of budget travel lies in spending as much time as possible out and about!


The hallmark of the most successful youth hostels lies in the ability to cater to the diverse variety of tastes that can walk through the door at any moment and request a room. Unlike hotels, there is an expectation of vibrancy and activity that sets these places apart. For those who visit Barcelona, the entire city is conducive to this kind of ambience, and from enjoying tapas in El Gotic at night, to exploring the gorgeous beaches and iconic Park Guell in the day, the city perfects the experience like no other.