Travel With Friends

  • Finalize Your Itinerary:
    Wanting to go to the same place doesn’t mean you’ll want to do the same things there as well. If you’re at a beach resort, you might want to spend all day reading a book by the beach but your friend might want to go snorkeling. She’ll want you to tag along but you won’t. It will make you both angry and will leave your friend with nothing to do. So talk about your expectations and plans beforehand. Decide what you will do each day. Some things you can all do on your own thing instead of relying on the whole group. Going solo can be a lot of fun too, and it also takes off pressure from pleasing each other.
  • Share Responsibilities:
    Nominate who’s going to do what. One should be in charge of all hotel and flight reservations, one should do research on local culture and attractions while one should take care of the budget. Assigning responsibilities decreases confusion and time wastage. Everyone knows who’s supposed to do so things will get done efficiently. Bonus: when something goes wrong, you’ll know exactly who to blame. Just imagine how much less fights and time will take to figure out whose fault it was!
  • Know Each Other:
    When we’re at home, we ignore and tolerate the quirkiness and weird habits of our friends. In fact, those things endear our friends to us even more. However, be very aware that your friend will continue to be the same person even when you’re traveling. Those cute quirky habits can very quickly begin to get on your nerves! If your friend is in a habit of constantly using social media then she’ll do so on the trip too, leaving you with nobody to talk to. So it’s very important to choose your travel companion wisely.